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Showcase your social media stars to brands, agencies and PR professionals. Advertisers
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    Set the rates for all of your talent and get contacted with sponsored offers.

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  • Get Your Talent Noticed

    Our thriving community consists of some of the world's top content creators and recognized brands. We cultivate relationships and authentic storytelling.

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    Manage sponsored campaign opportunities for all of your talent in one centralized location.

  • Receive Direct Sponsorships

    All inquiries will be tied to a single email address. Brands, agencies and PR firms will contact you directly with sponsorship offers for specific talent.

  • Partner With Our Team

    We hold special relationships with all talent agency partners. Our team will actively seek out business opportunities that match your agency profile.

  • Attract New Clients

    Many of our existing influencers are actively seeking representation. The Socialix platform offers an efficient way to discover new talent.

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