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Understanding Your Influencer Metrics

Once your account has been activated you will have access to the platform and your updated metrics. On your profile page you will see a number of charts, numbers and graphics that display your online activity and performance.

Social Media Reach 

This is an overview of your social media followers and tells you which social network has the most fans. It is most likely that advertiser will look at most closely at the network with the most followers before getting in contact with you. You can also see your overall number of followers combined across all networks that are connected to Socialix.

Follower Growth

Gaining fans or losing them? This section provides a useful overview of your online follower growth or decline and can help you to keep a watchful eye over the progress made in growing your audience. Brands are particularly interested in influencers that are on the rise with rapid growing fan bases.

Social Media Engagement

You can track the engagement of your social media and identify posts where engagement was highest or lowest. This is great for learning about what makes your fans react the most and what types of content to lean towards in the future. Brands will look most closely at this metric and are highly interested in working with influencers that engage their audience. You can also view a breakdown of engagement across your different social networks.

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Blog Metrics

Socialix will automatically update your blog metrics on an ongoing basis and will provide you with the number of monthly page views, the Moz Domain Authority and Google PageRank. The Google Page Rank is a score between 0 - 10 and is Google’s perception of your online authority. Similarly, Moz Domain Authority looks at how authoritative your blog is on the web and will score this on a scale of 0 - 100. Brand’s will look at these metrics if they are looking to build comprehensive content and storytelling through blogs.


Ever wondered who is following you? Well now you can know with demographic information available for your social media accounts. Here you can look at the breakdown of male to female, average age, average income, location, family status and most common interests. Brands are most likely to work with influencers that speak to their core demographic.

You use all of these metrics to your advantage, by seeing where you are the strongest and areas that you can improve performance.
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