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How to Negotiate with Influencers

You can access an influencer’s desired pricing by visiting the media kit section of their profile. From here you can get an itemized breakdown of prices per network. The prices are a baseline value and a good jumping off point for opening a dialog.

Typically you will experience higher prices for blog posts or video content, as this is more labor intensive for the influencer and takes a longer time to produce. Prices can also be influenced by the number of followers on each network, the level of social media engagement and the influencers own personal perception of value. The prices are not controlled by Socialix and have been established by the influencer.

Prices for influencers who are represented by talent agencies are not always readily available. In this scenario you can send a request to the talent manager to request a price.

When it comes to activating an influencer you should base the offer amount upon the influencers media kit rates and your own perceived value of that partnership. Although you can send offers that are slightly lower than a media kit rate, Socialix will prevent you from sending “low ball offers” and we kindly request that you respect the influencers media kit rates. Be prepared that an influencer may decline your offer or reply with a counter offer.

In some cases the influencer might reject your initial offer and will send a counter offer with either a revised price and/or deadline. You can in turn send a counter offer to the influencer and this will go back and forth until an agreement is reached. Once the deal is made, the influencer funds are placed into escrow and the content creation begins.

influencer negotiation
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