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Influencer Profiles

Socialix influencers have full profiles that contain personal information, recent content, performance metrics, pricing (media kit) and follower demographics. When an influencer creates an account on Socialix they are encouraged to develop a comprehensive bio and list of interests to attract the attention of advertisers. They are also asked to authenticate their blogs and social media accounts with the Socialix platform to verify ownership and showcase metrics. This allows you to get a deep understanding of who the influencer is, their relevance to a brand and the performance of their content.

media kit

Basic Information - Read up about the influencer and view a profile picture. You can find out about the influencers various interests, the brands that they like, where they are located and what social media networks they are active upon.

Follower Breakdown - It is important to know which network the influencer is strongest on to be sure that you are working with them on the most optimal channels. For example, if an influencer has 95% of their followers on YouTube then it is fairly safe to say that this influencer would be best suited for video creation campaign.

Engagement - It can be argued that this is the most important metric when assessing an influencers value as they know how to connect with their fans. You should look for influencers that have consistently high levels of engagement over an extended period of time. This metric is also tracked across network and their can be varying levels of performance here. The goal is to identify who is the most engaging influencer and on what network are the engagements happening.

influencer engagement

Follower Growth - You can view and track the development of an influencers fanbase. Change the time period to 30 days and view recent surges in popularity or set the time period to all time to view the historic growth of the influencers followers, since becoming a Socialix member. This is useful for discovering shooting stars or people that are losing their fans. This metric is provided across the influencers different networks.

Blog Metrics - Many Socialix influencers will list multiple blogs on their profile and media kit. These blogs are securely verified through Google Analytics, Wordpress or Blogger. You can view an influencers monthly blog traffic, Domain Authority and Google PageRank.

Demographics - To help advertisers reach a targeted audience, Socialix provides demographic information for each of the influencers followers. You can use this data to find out where the followers are located, the gender divide, marital status, parental status, average income, age and common interests. This data is provided by Demographics Pro, one of the leading authorities in social media demographics.

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