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How to Report the Performance of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

You can access the performance metrics of a campaign at anytime by clicking on run report. The Socialix system will automatically track the performance of content that has been submitted through the platform by influencers. This will include a breakdown of metrics for views, likes, shares, comments and clicks.

User Reach: The influencers combined number of followers for the accounts where your content was posted. This is the potential number of people that can be exposed to your message.

Views: We track blog views by asking the influencers to place a pixel on their website. social media views are estimates based upon the size of the audience.

Engagements: This is any interaction with the influencers content and includes likes, shares, comments and clicks. We will automatically update this information for your convenience.

Clicks: For social media, these are tracked through a Google short URL and for blogs they are tracked via a piece of javascript that redirects a blog readers click via our server.

Spend: This value represents the budget spend on completed influencer posts and does not take into account pending assignments or influencers still in the workstation.

Media Value: You can assign different values to actions taken on the content. For example, you might value a like at $0.25 or a comment at $0.50. These can be customized to your preferences.

ROI: This is the the campaign Media Value minus the spend and divided by the spend. We calculate this for you and it is based upon your customized media values.

As you scroll down the report the metrics become more granular with performance broken out by network, then by influencer and then by post. The report can be customized by adding or removing sections from the right hand sidebar. The report metrics will update periodically, although you can at anytime refresh the report to pull in fresh metrics. You can save and export the report to a PDF version.

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