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How to Create Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Before working with influencers you will be asked to create a campaign template that acts as a digital contract between you and the influencers. Once this has been saved, you can start activating influencers and drop them into the appropriate campaign buckets or segments. Below are the main features available within the campaign builder.

create campaign

Campaign Name - Enter a distinctive name that will make it easily identifiable from other campaigns. This is for your own internal use and will not be visible to influencers.

Start Date - When would you like the campaign to begin? This is applicable to public campaign offerings that are explained below.

Posting Platforms - Select (or exclude) platforms that you would like to target in this campaign. If your campaign is set as public, influencers will be given the opportunity to apply for the campaign with any of the platforms that you have selected. The main consideration here is whether you are looking for blog content, social media content, image rich content or videos.

If you are unsure of which platforms to target it is recommended that you select all as you will have the opportunity to individually target platforms when it comes to activating influencers.

Assignment Details - This is the most crucial part of the campaign builder and you should take some time to provide concise and explicit instructions to the influencers. One of the keys to successful influencer marketing is to not stifle the influencers creativity. Therefore the instructions should focus upon pragmatic details:

Does the influencer need to take any steps before submitting content?
Should the influencer put a link in their Instagram bio?
Can the influencer remove posts after a minimum number of hours/days/weeks?
Do you have a promotion of coupon code that should be called out?
Are their any brand guidelines or words that the influencer should avoid?
Should the influencer submit visual content such as a video or photo?
Are there different guidelines based upon each social network?
Should bloggers review your product or tell a brand story?

Once the guidelines are created it is up to the influencer to abide by these requirements while putting their own creative spin on the message you are trying to share.

Campaign Visibility - Are you looking to hand select influencers, accept applications or a combination of both?

Public - Activate individual influencers of your choice and receive applications from the marketplace. You can accept, decline or counter-offer any influencer applications.
Private - Activate individual influencers of your choice.

Tracking Link - Enter a URL for influencers to send traffic. We will automatically convert this URL to a Google short link (for social posts) and we will track clicks from blog posts through a tracking pixel and piece of javascript technology.

Influencer Criteria - This is applicable for all public campaigns as the opportunity will be listed on the marketplace and open for applications. If you would like to set a minimum threshold for those applications then we suggest that you use the filters to remove the opportunity from influencers that do not meet the criteria. For example, you could set the location to “United States” influencers only and set a minimum following of “125,000 Followers”. This would mean that influencers with less than 125,000 follower and who reside outside of the United States would not be eligible.

application filters

Campaign Segments - You can use the campaign segments module to create different variations of the assignment details while keeping all influencers and reporting tied to a single campaign. For example, you may have slightly different instructions for bloggers vs. YouTubers and this can be structured by utilizing the campaign segments. When it comes to activating influencers you will be able to select the segment from a drop down menu to ensure that the influencer is receiving the appropriate guidelines.

Campaign Budget - You can provide an estimate of the campaign budget to help keep track of your spending. Influencers are paid from your account balance each time that they complete an assignment and you approve. Funds can be withdrawn to your bank account at anytime.
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