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How to Find the Right Influencers

Influencer marketing begins with intelligent research and outreach. Simply type a keyword into our influencer search engine to start finding influencers that are relevant to your brand or, perhaps, already talking about your products or services. Our database of influencers can be filtered and sorted by more than 20 different data points, which means that your search for influencers is both fast and highly targeted. You can search through our registered Socialix influencers (ready for activation) or our larger public influencer profiles that are primed for outreach.

Influencer Metrics

Socialix utilizes 3 key metrics for influencer discovery; relevancy, audience and engagement. These three measurements are the the cornerstones of our influence search engine;the ideal influencer for a campaign is one that is closely aligned with your brand's offering, possesses a large following and has the power to ignite a strong reaction from fans.

Relevancy - The Socialix influencer search engine is built upon an advanced algorithm that stores and studies millions of pieces of influencer content. When you perform a keyword search through Socialix we look for influencers that are most closely aligned with the query and have spoken about such topics in the past or present. In addition to this, we will present the highest engagement influencers with the largest audiences within any given subject area.

Engagement - It is great to connect with influencers that have large audience but you want to be sure that the audience is interacting with the influencers content. Socialix allows you to either i) filter out low engagement influencer results or ii) sort the results by the highest engagement influencers. This becomes an incredibly powerful tool when combined with the filters for audience size and relevancy. You can use this metric to discover pockets of influence that might otherwise be overlooked.

Audience - Scalability of influencer campaigns can be achieved by working with influencers that posses a large following. Socialix works with all types of influencers, big or small and we give you the ability to filter or search by the influencers that have the largest following.

Advanced Filtering Options

In addition to the core metrics, you can further refine your results by a number of different dimensions. This provides you with extremely targeted search results but overuse of these options may filter out influencers that could be extremely beneficial to you.

i) Networks - Looking for Instagrammers or YouTubers? Use this filter to target specific platforms.
ii) Network User Reach - Filter the influencers follower count across multiple social networks.
iii) Verticals - Apply this filter to find the most influential personalities in 36 major verticals.
iv) Tags - Find influencers that are using your hashtag or a topic hashtag related to your business.
v) Traffic - Search the highest traffic blogs with Google Analytics verified data.
vi) Domain Authority - A useful filter for finding high SEO value blogs or websites.
vii) Location - Drill down to influencers in a specific country, state or city.
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