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How to Activate Influencers

Now that your media list is built and the campaign has been created it is time to activate influencers.

You can begin sending offers to influencers by viewing the individual profiles and clicking on “send offer” button. This action will i) drop the influencer into your campaign ii) send an email notification to influencer with details or the offer iii) ask them to login and accept, decline or counter the offer. Below are the activation options to fullfil the offer.

Campaign - Select the campaign that you would like the influencer to take part.
Segment - Select the appropriate campaign segment for the influencer (if previously created).
Type - You can choose either i) blog post (with social media shares) or ii) social media posts. Social media posts can include YouTube or Instagram content creation.
Properties - Select multiple social media properties or the blog that you would like to work with.
Price - You should input an offer that you are prepared to spend (see negotiating with influencers)
Deadline - Select date that you would like the influencer to post on.
Message - Send a Customized message along with your offer for a more personalized approach.
Advanced Option - If you do not yet know the link that is to be used by the influencer, you can check this box and assign the traffic URL later. For example, if the influencer is to select a product from your website to review, you might not know that product URL and so it would make more sense to add this later.

You must have sufficient funds in your account balance to cover any offers sent to influencers. If an influencer does not respond within 24 hours, you will have the option to “withdraw” the offer and reallocate those funds to another influencer. Funds are held in escrow until the influencer completes the assignment and you approve of the work.

influencer activation
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