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How to Manage Your Campaign and Work with Influencers

Socialix offers a convenient and secure work environment for brands and influencers to collaborate. It is based upon 4 basic milestones that underpin an open dialog that you can have with the influencer.

Deal Agreed - Both parties have made an agreement to partner (see negotiating with influencers).

Content Submission - The influencer will create content for you and submit their ideas through the platform. This is your opportunity to check the content for accuracy and be sure that you are happy with what the influencer intends to post. You can request modifications to the content or if it's ready you can approve for publishing. Advertisers should be respectful of influencer content, after all they know how to grow an audience and keep them engaged. Content modifications are mandatory if the influencer has not abided by the assignment guidelines and optional if the influencer has followed the guidelines but you are not satisfied with what has been submitted. Please contact Socialix for any disputes over influencer content.

Placement Submission - The influencer will post the content to their blog and/or social media channels upon approval of the content. You can communicate with the influencer about the timing of the posts and when might be the best time of day. Once the posts are live, the influencer will return to the Socialix platform and submit the live URL’s for your final review. In this round of review you should check for minor issues such as missing hashtags, incorrect link or wrong sized image. You can request that the influencer makes these updates for you.

Payment Issued - Now that the influencers work is done, your payment is released from escrow and sent to the influencer. Socialix does not take cut of influencer payments and the funds are typically received by the influencer within 1-3 business days. If the influencer has questions about payment, please ask them to get in touch with us.

If you are working with multiple influencers at one time, Socialix will notify you when an action is required and you can get a full view of everyone’s progress within the campaign dashboard. This streamlines the entire content creation process and allows you to easily scale a campaign with a larger number of influencers. You can also monitor any influencer applications here, if the campaign was created as public and listed on the marketplace. It is recommended that you withdraw offers from influencers that do not respond within 3 days as this will keep your available balance up-to-date.

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