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Introduction to Socialix

1. What is Socialix?

The Socialix platform and community was created for marketers to find the most relevant influencers, streamline outreach and scale content creation with brand advocates. The platform empowers advertisers with the ability to easily access influential bloggers and social media users to harness their creative voices for delivery of a message. It is a complete end-to-end platform handling all aspects of influencer marketing, offering metric driven influencer tools, detailed influencer profiles, immediate influencer activations, a seamless content creation workflow and automated tracking of content. We monitor the social web and connect marketers with highly targeted influencers that have the power to sway an audience and drive new business.

2. Why Work Through The Socialix Platform?

Influencer marketing is on every brand’s mind. Over the past several years, influencer marketing has proved itself as an effective means of authentically growing awareness and enhancing brands’ social footprints. While the practice of influencer marketing may be gaining prominence, many brands are still hung up on the logistics of actually making influencer campaigns work and achieve results. Some of the most common questions are;

Who are the right influencers for my brand? How would I ever get in touch with them? What if they ignore my emails? How should I negotiate a deal with them? How do I trust them and how can they trust me? What if I don’t like the content? How can I track the performance? How do I pay them and should I issue them a tax form?

Socialix answers all of these questions. The Socialix platform is a soup to nuts solution that sets up influencer campaigns for success and guides the execution every step of the way. It helps you to worry less about the logistical pain points and focus more upon strategy and scale.

3. Who uses Socialix?

Socialix is a vibrant community of writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts who love creating new content and exploring new ideas. The Socialix community of influencers is passionate about creating that enthusiastically relays brand stories while resonating with fans.

4. What are the core features of Socialix?

Comprehensive search, efficient communications and dynamic data. These capabilities are not only the defining features of Socialix, but they are also what distinguishes Socialix from other influencer marketing platform. With Socialix, you have the ability to find and connect with high-performing influencers that align with your brand’s goals and values. Additionally, the platform streamlines the communications process and offers a centralized location for sending and receiving all questions, comments and edits regarding an influencer’s contribution to the campaign. Sure, an influencer’s aesthetically pleasing imagery and pithy message can be a nice pat on the back for a brand, but the results and value really lies within the data. The Socialix platform automatically aggregates the data points - engagement history, demographic breakdown, campaign clicks and conversions - so you can holistically assess individual influencer, as well as overarching campaign performance every step of the way.
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