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Advertiser Help

  1. Advertisers Introduction

    1. What is Socialix? The Socialix platform and community was created for marketers to find the most relevant influencers, streamline outreach and scale content creation with brand advocates. The pl... [read more]

  2. Advertiser Account

    Setting Up Your Account and Profile To access the platform and community as an advertiser you will be required to complete some basic profile information and tell us a few things about the brand th... [read more]

  3. Influencer Discovery

    Influencer marketing begins with intelligent research and outreach. Simply type a keyword into our influencer search engine to start finding influencers that are relevant to your brand or, perhaps, al... [read more]

  4. Negotiating with Influencers

    You can access an influencer’s desired pricing by visiting the media kit section of their profile. From here you can get an itemized breakdown of prices per network. The prices are a baseline va... [read more]

  5. How to Create Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    Before working with influencers you will be asked to create a campaign template that acts as a digital contract between you and the influencers. Once this has been saved, you can start activating infl... [read more]

  6. Media Lists

    Building a short list of potential influencers is a great way to compare metrics and prices before starting a campaign. From the profile page of an influencer you can simply click “add to list&r... [read more]

  7. How to Activate Influencers

    Now that your media list is built and the campaign has been created it is time to activate influencers. You can begin sending offers to influencers by viewing the individual profiles and clicking o... [read more]

  8. How to Manage Your Campaign

    Socialix offers a convenient and secure work environment for brands and influencers to collaborate. It is based upon 4 basic milestones that underpin an open dialog that you can have with the influenc... [read more]

  9. How to Report the Performance of Influencer Market

    You can access the performance metrics of a campaign at anytime by clicking on run report. The Socialix system will automatically track the performance of content that has been submitted through the p... [read more]

  10. Influencer Profiles

    Socialix influencers have full profiles that contain personal information, recent content, performance metrics, pricing (media kit) and follower demographics. When an influencer creates an account on ... [read more]

Influencer Help

  1. Influencer Introduction to Socialix

    What is Socialix? Socialix is a marketplace of content creators and brands to network, collaborate and join forces for win-win results. It is a place for bloggers, YouTubers, Viners, Talent agencie... [read more]

  2. Influencer Steps for Getting Started

    Create Your Influencer Account and Complete Profile To sign-up as an influencer you will need to visit our influencer sign-up page and create an account through either Facebook, Twitter or by the t... [read more]

  3. Understanding Your Influencer Metrics

    Once your account has been activated you will have access to the platform and your updated metrics. On your profile page you will see a number of charts, numbers and graphics that display your online ... [read more]

  4. Start Working with Brands

    How to Send and Receive Offers There are two ways in which you can start working with brands. The first is for a brand to contact you through the platform with an offer, the second is to look at th... [read more]

  5. How to Submit Your Content

    When developing the content it is important to follow the guidelines and communicate with the brand if you are unsure on any specific details. You have complete control over the content and the brand ... [read more]

  6. How to Submit Post URL's

    Once the brand has approved of the content you can now go ahead and post (unless the brand has asked for a specific day or time). You should post the content to your blog or social channels exactly as... [read more]

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