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Elise Buch


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My name is Elise Buch I am a danish dreadhead. I have been alive for 23 years and have had dreads for 3,5 years. I was born a ginger and everything that comes with it: pale skin, always freezing, freckles and so on. I have a lovely family, with two siblings, my sister is four years younger than be but 15 centimeters taller, my brother is 1,5 years older than me and he is 30 centimeters taller than me, so I am kind of family midget. I have a lot of interests, and therefore always forget to mention some of them, but I am gonna try to mention some anyway: photography, music, decoration, thrifting, drawing, love nature, movies, baking etc. Follow me on social media: http://elisebuch.blogspot.dk/ https://instagram.com/Elise.Buch/ #BrandBacker
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