What’s Your Polling Strategy?

Today’s most highly touted social media personalities have amassed large and enthusiastic followings. Readers consistently scan blog pages and scroll feeds for influencers’ insights, opinions and experiences. Sometimes the relationship between influencer and followers can seem overwhelmingly one-sided with followers coveting influencers’ unique perspectives while rarely getting the opportunity to share their own in meaningful ways.

Now, influencers no longer have to solely rely on comments to take the pulses of their followers. In October 2015, Twitter introduced Twitter Polls to the masses. This tool makes taking audience  surveys as simple as sending out a tweet. Social media users already use Twitter as a platform to share their opinions in real time during cultural events, and now with instant polling, the opinions of an influencer’s followers can be immediately gathered.

Perhaps you just tried out a vlog for the first time and you’re wondering whether your followers want to see more of this content – send out a Twitter poll. Or maybe, you’re thinking about redesigning your blog – why not get the opinions of your blog’s readers first through a poll?

twitter poll

Social media users love to be asked questions. Questions not only make social users feel important and necessary, but they are also a clear call to engage. When influencers ask their followers direct questions they are inviting them to shape and contribute to the future of their content. Opening up the dialogue and inviting followers to come forward with an opinion forges a deeper and more trusting relationship between influencer and follower. 


How have you gained insights from your followers from asking questions? Share in the comments below!

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