Traveling the World, One Blog at A Time

One of the most exciting aspects of social media is its ability to transport us to far-away lands. Without ever leaving the confines of our homes, we can connect with people across the globe and explore exotic locales. We often find ourselves living vicariously through the explorations of others. Often, just the act of seeing other people’s adventures play out in our News Feeds is enough to prompt us to book that long-anticipated backpacking expedition or relaxing seaside getaway. When it comes to travel, social media is incredibly inspirational and influential.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite travel influencers who always entice us into following their global escapades with their exhilarating photos and personal travel anecdotes.

Kirsten Alana


Kirsten Alana is the talented photographer behind the lens of Aviators and a Camera. From roaming the beaches of Playa Del Carmen to traipsing through the Souks of Marrakesh, Kirsten’s documentations capture the simultaneous excitement and tranquility of global travel. Kirsten’s posts never fail to make her 185,000 Instagram followers reach for their passports.



Evo and Sheila Terra

Evo Terra and his wife Sheila have achieved the ultimate dream: they are self-proclaimed digital nomads. Evo and Sheila, or The Opportunistic Travelers as they are known to the blog, podcast and social worlds, have made the globe their home and document their new no-strings-attached lifestyle for all to see. In January 2016, they set up a temporary home-base in Bangkok, which allow them to spend the month exploring all of Thailand’s treasures We can’t wait to see where Evo and Sheila migrate next.


Brendan Van Son




Brendan is a noted travel photographer and photojournalist whose work has been featured in The Guardian, as well as on the BBC and National Geographic Traveler. After catching the travel bug early on in his career, Brendan has made a life out of his desire to see the world. And we’re grateful for it. Brendan’s unique eye brings to life each location he visits; scrolling through Brendan’s Instagram photos make you feel as though you are actually along for the adventure, instead of wistfully experiencing it through a screen.



Kristen Addis


Kristin Addis might actually be the ultimate travel muse; she doesn’t just venture to beautiful cities, she explores off the beaten path locations on her own accord. Solo vacations sound like the ultimate adventure, but few actually have the guts to escape by themselves. Kristin not only documents her solitary treks on her blog and Instagram accounts, but has also created guidebooks for those looking to follow her lead and start exploring on their own. Kristen’s posts and photos truly capture the freedom of travel. Follow her adventures and you may find yourself buying one one-way ticket.



Without fail, these travel influencers evoke a sense of wanderlust in us. We can’t wait to see which far corners of the earth they’ll capture in the coming months.


Do you have a favorite travel blog? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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