Rescue Mission: How Influencer Marketing Can Save Your Brand Communications

rescue mission

In theory, communication with customers has never been easier. Today, brands have myriad methods at their disposal to connect with their target audiences: email, display ads, paid social media  posts and, even, livestreams. With continuous advances in digital and social media, brands have 24/7 access into the lives of consumers, and vice versa. While this open-door policy and influx of communication avenues should seemingly simplify the marketing process, one could also argue that it has also created a convoluted and overly saturated environment that grows more difficult to navigate with each day.

As brands adapt to this array of new communications tools in their arsenals, consumers are adapting to a digital world in which they are constantly bombarded by promotions and unsolicited brand messages and, as a result, they are becoming incredibly savvy at filtering out unwanted brand content from the rest.

Consumer patience is dwindling, attention spans are wandering, and brands must battle to consistently stay top-of-mind and engaging across multiple channels and against innumerable competitors all striving to beat the social playing field and win consumer attention, or maybe even, loyalty.

Brands are beginning to realize that perhaps it is not about connecting  with everyone on every channel, but instead, it’s more valuable to connect with the right people on the right channels. Through influencer marketing brands are able to pinpoint qualified individuals with sizable influence and followings to speak and connect for them. Alone, many brands risk floating aimlessly or, worse, drowning in the vast sea of digital content, but influencers can come to the rescue and provide a much needed life raft.

Working with qualified influencers provides a refreshing change of pace from the brand voices and overly produced stories that have anesthetized consumers over the years.  Everyone has heard countless brand appeals  and each repetitive occurrence slightly dilutes the message and diminishes the effect. However, influencers provide a new perspective and a fresh voice to well-known brand narratives; often a slight re-framing of the story is all it takes to re-capture public attention. Additionally, an alliance with relevant and influential social personalities ensures that product announcements or brand messaging is delivered not just to any audience group, but to an audience group that rabidly absorbs and trusts the opinions of individual influencers.

Influencers have the one thing that brands will never have: the ability to connect on a human level. Influencers are real people and they have the power to spark real human interactions and connections with their followers. Although brands cannot replicate this power, through influencer marketing, they can finally harness it.



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