How To Take Customer Engagement To The Netflix Level

How well do you really know your customers?

Consider how Netflix, for example, has thoroughly embedded itself into our cultural zeitgeist. It has earned the business of more than a third of U.S. households, while Amazon Prime comes in at a distant second in the streaming world, claiming just 13% of U.S. households, and Hulu Plus lags behind in third place.

Netflix’s success stems partly from its intuitive platform and expansive range of content and partly from its uncanny knowledge about its users. Netflix has turned customer engagement into an exact science, chiefly because it has prioritized learning who its customers are and how to reach them. If you want to be on the level of #Netflixandchill, then there a few critical mistakes and common misconceptions you need to avoid during the customer profiling process.

For more on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, to achieve a Netflix-level splash, head over to for the full rundown.

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