Video: The Future of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is high on brands’ lists precisely because of the creative powers these individuals possess. Influencers know how to create compelling content that feels personal, relevant and wholly original. Many brands have realized that rather than trying to outpace influencers across every platform, they’re better off aligning with them – after all, partnering with influencers […]

The New Twitter Algorithm

Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm gets all of the attention. For the past few years, brands have lamented the loss of their organic reaches as a result of Facebook’s algorithmic updates. But what about Twitter’s algorithm? Recently the micro-content platform released an algorithmic timeline that marked a vast departure from the Twitter we all knew.   What […]

The State of Live Stream

One of the draws of the social media landscape has always been its ability to bridge the gaps between time and place, and facilitate interactions among people on a global scale. The advent of Facebook and Twitter ushered in an age of immediate connections. Social media messaging travels at the speed of ….well, the internet. […]

What’s Your Polling Strategy?

Today’s most highly touted social media personalities have amassed large and enthusiastic followings. Readers consistently scan blog pages and scroll feeds for influencers’ insights, opinions and experiences. Sometimes the relationship between influencer and followers can seem overwhelmingly one-sided with followers coveting influencers’ unique perspectives while rarely getting the opportunity to share their own in meaningful […]