Manage Your Social Calendar

The beauty of social media is in its perceived spontaneity. The real-time nature of social media platforms allows publishers to contribute to conversations as events and trends unfold around them. Social media is always on, and social media influencers are expected to also put forth an always on social approach. It’s always exciting when a […]

What’s Your Polling Strategy?

Today’s most highly touted social media personalities have amassed large and enthusiastic followings. Readers consistently scan blog pages and scroll feeds for influencers’ insights, opinions and experiences. Sometimes the relationship between influencer and followers can seem overwhelmingly one-sided with followers coveting influencers’ unique perspectives while rarely getting the opportunity to share their own in meaningful […]

Social Hour: Toni Hammersley

Welcome to Social Hour, our  blog series where we introduce you to members of the Socialix community. Writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts share their journeys as they transformed from social users to social influencers.  For our second Social Hour installment, we connected with Toni Hammersley, the organizational guru and creator behind A […]

Pinning Predictions: Pinterest in 2016

For the past several years, Pinterest has been the social platform that has provided inspiration and organization for every aspect of our lives. With so much content on the internet, Pinterest serves as our own personal filter – helping us curate the articles, looks and recipes worth remembering. While Pinterest is incredibly useful, and also […]

Advocates vs. Influencers

brand advocate

  One of the first steps that needs to be taken to develop a valuable influencer marketing strategy is finding influencers for your brand. As a group, influencers are incredibly dynamic –  there is no one-size-fits all influencer model. Some influencers boast millions of followers, while others have persuasive powers over only a few thousand. […]

Rescue Mission: How Influencer Marketing Can Save Your Brand Communications

rescue mission

In theory, communication with customers has never been easier. Today, brands have myriad methods at their disposal to connect with their target audiences: email, display ads, paid social media  posts and, even, livestreams. With continuous advances in digital and social media, brands have 24/7 access into the lives of consumers, and vice versa. While this […]

Defining Influence

defining influence

The term influencer marketing is poised to become one of the year’s biggest marketing buzzwords. Topping the list of stock and, potentially, played out buzzwords means that influencer marketing will continue to command an increasing share of the marketing spotlight, while also running the risk of being cast-aside as another weightless industry term. Buzzwords depreciate […]