Social Media Advertisements

Recently Lithium Technologies commissioned Harris Poll to conduct a survey among Millennial and Gen Z social media users  to discover how they really feel about social media advertisements. Unsurprisingly, regardless of the platform or brand, millennials and Gen Z-ers are not interested in seeing advertisements. The survey, conducted across 2500 Millennial and Gen Z social […]

Meet Your New Obsession: Obsessee

Traditionally, the relationship between publishers and social media platforms went a little something like this: The publication, and the content produced for that publication’s domain, was the first priority. The goal was to pull users onto a publication’s proprietary site in the hopes that they would stay and explore the compelling long-form content created specifically […]

Surfing the Crowd

As a content creator, it’s your job to continually produce compelling content across blogs and social channels for your followers to consume. But the content you publish cannot just be appealing to you — it must resonate with your many followers. One of best ways to publish content that speaks to your followers is by […]