Influencer Marketing Resource: Social Bluebook

As influencer marketing grows in proliferation, so do the pricing wars associated with the verticals. Influencer payment is becoming an increasingly polarizing topic in the influencer marketing realm. While it is no longer a debate ( or definitely should not be) that influencers should receive monetary compensation for the sponsored content they produce, the disputes […]

Social Hour: Elly Brown

Welcome to Social Hour, our new blog series where we will introduce you to members of the Socialix community. Writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts will share their social media and blogging journeys.  For our next Social Hour installment, we connected with Elly Brown of Uptown with Elly Brown.  This busy mom of […]

Influence Your Way to the Top of the Marketplace

How influencer marketing can launch your mobile app to the top of the marketplace   There are upwards of 1,000 apps entering the marketplace everyday, which makes it extremely difficult to cut through the noise and gain traction. Smartphone users are not necessarily on the hunt to download new apps to crowd their screens. To […]

What We Learned from the Best Brands on Instagram

Brands have come a long way on social media. There was a time in which brands were lagging behind the messes, taking cues from individual content creators when it came to trying out new social trends and establishing new social initiatives. Not anymore. Today,  brands are investing more talent and resources into cultivating engaging experiences […]

Boost Your SEO with Influencer Marketing

What does this mean for marketers? In recent years, there has been  widespread abuse of Google’s search algorithms, and now, the old SEO tricks no longer work. Or, if they do, they don’t work for long. That’s because Google and other search engines now prioritize human signals and social proof over sheer quantity of backlinks […]

The Case for Influencer Technology

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to effectively engage audiences and convert online customers through digital advertising and content marketing. With social platforms, countless blogs and digital-first media properties, advertisers must compete in a complex ecosystem for views, attention spans and, ultimately, engagement. At the same time, web users are becoming savvier — they can, […]

Influencer Campaigns: What Not To Do

The most successful influencer campaigns are the ones that are truly authentic – the ones that allow influencers the freedom to deliver a brand message from their own point of view and in their own words. Unfortunately, many brands have a difficult time relinquishing this kind of control to content creators. Brand marketers are accustomed […]

How To Take Customer Engagement To The Netflix Level

How well do you really know your customers? Consider how Netflix, for example, has thoroughly embedded itself into our cultural zeitgeist. It has earned the business of more than a third of U.S. households, while Amazon Prime comes in at a distant second in the streaming world, claiming just 13% of U.S. households, and Hulu […]