Tips Appreciated – Facebook Considers Adding a Tip Jar to Encourage Content Sharing

Have we reached the end of an era? Since Facebook first launched, users have flocked to the platform to reconnect with friends, share life updates and, yes, at times, rant about trending topics of interest. Facebook has been a mainstay in our lives and, in many ways, has defined our social lives. After all if […]

Facebook Updates Branded Content Policy

Brands across niches and verticals are investing more budget and resources into implementing strategic influencer marketing plans because the need to authentically connect with social audiences is more prevalent than ever. Over the past few years, Facebook has carried out key algorithm updates to ensure that the News Feed is filled with valuable and impactful […]

The Evolving Algorithm

Why do certain posts receive priority in News Feeds? Why do some post attain massive visibility while others are nearly invisible? We explore the ever-evolving and elusive Facebook algorithm to help you maximize your potential on the platform. Facebook’s algorithm is a notorious headache for marketers. Always evolving and seeking to improve the Facebook user […]

Facebook Looks Beyond the Like and Rolls Out New Reactions

For years, Facebook users have liked content they’ve seen their friends or favorite brands post. If they’ve seen something that has made them feel surprised, shocked, happy, loved or, even sad…they’ve liked. Many of these Likes have been accompanied by comments that help Facebook users clarify their actions, but now users won’t have to resort […]

Social Hour: Tracie Fobes

Welcome to Social Talks, our  blog series where we introduce you to members of the Socialix community. Writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts share their journeys as they transformed from social users to social influencers.  For our next Social Hour installment, we connected with Tracie Fobes, the family finance aficionado behind Penny Pinchin’ […]

The Art of Cinema(graphs)

At some point in the past year you’ve likely scrolled through your Instagram feed  and been struck by a subtle and mesmerizing movement within a post. Not quite a photograph, not quite a video and somehow, still, not quite a GIF, these alluring visuals have stolen the attention of brands and social media fans alike. […]