Cooking Up Content

Food brings people together. It’s a universally beloved topic. Ask anyone what their most used room in their house is and they’ll likely answer: the kitchen. The kitchen is more than just a room where food is prepared; it’s a place where people gather to socialize and connect with one another. Food has that effect […]

The Road Ahead: Overcoming Influencer Marketing Challenges Through Advanced Platform Technology

Fashion & Beauty Monitor recently released The Rise of Influencers Report in conjunction with Econsultancy. The Report details the state of influencer marketing within the fashion and luxury industries. In addition to industry trends, the report also uncovers the most pressing challenges that face brands that are currently running, or preparing to run, influencer market […]

Rescue Mission: How Influencer Marketing Can Save Your Brand Communications

rescue mission

In theory, communication with customers has never been easier. Today, brands have myriad methods at their disposal to connect with their target audiences: email, display ads, paid social media  posts and, even, livestreams. With continuous advances in digital and social media, brands have 24/7 access into the lives of consumers, and vice versa. While this […]