Social Hour: Sydney Carver

Welcome to Social Hour, our blog series featuring  members of the Socialix community. This spaces shines a spotlight on the social media and blogging journeys of writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts. Enjoy! 

For our next Social Hour installment, we connected with Sydney Carver, the lifestyle blogger behind Summer Wind.  Sydney’s impeccably styled blog offers a classic spin  on fashion, travel and beauty inspiration.

What is the one app you cannot live without?

Definitely Instagram. It’s my favorite to check!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts right now?

Ohh there are so many! I think my current faves are @EleoSebastiani, @LillyPulitzer, @VeuveClicquot, @drawbertson, @BeautifulDestinations, @ParisInFourMonths, @NYCtoParis, @GrayMalin, @JessikaHoliday.

Has your approach to creating content changed since you first began your blog?

I didn’t really have a strategy or approach back in 2009 when I started blogging. It was more of a hobby for me and I posted whenever I felt like it. Now I stick to a pretty strict posting schedule and everything I post is very thought out and deliberate.

How do you find inspiration for new content?

From everywhere. Pinterest, traveling, music, films, shopping, and even just from conversations with friends or family!


What is your dream brand collaboration? 

I would love to collaborate with one of the brands under the LVMH umbrella– who doesn’t love gorgeous handbags and champagne, right?!

What has been the biggest surprise about running Summer Wind?

How much I’ve learned. Running Summer Wind makes me Google and read a lot of stuff I probably never would have. I’ve learned things about coding, things about the fashion industry, things about the retail industry, etc. There are so many different facets to blogging and I love learning about each part!

How closely do you pay attention to trends from both a social media and fashion perspective? Do they dictate the direction of your content?

Trends are kind of the antithesis of my blog. I tend to style my outfits very classically. It’s my goal that most of my outfits would have fit in back in 1968 or in 2030. I strive for a timeless look. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to trends and of-the-moment fashion… I really like all of the lace this season and it definitely has influenced my content in the past several weeks!



What’s your stance on the new Instagram algorithm? Like it,love it or hate it?

I don’t think I have much of a stance since it hasn’t been fully rolled out across the boards yet. I’m anxious to see how the switch plays out.

My background is in social media marketing so It’s interesting to me to see so many users jump to being worried/upset when proper research has not been done.

A business’s goal is to make money (duh, we all know that!), and just like with Facebook (and any business), Instagram has revenue and growth goals. Because Facebook owns Instagram, I think that they are switching to an algorithm-style feed (rather than reverse chronological order) because it will help Instagram to generate more revenue (aka the ‘pay to play’ model just like Facebook).

A lot of Instagram users are directing their ‘fans’ to turn on push notifications, very similar to what you are able to do on Facebook. However, that means you literally get pinged every time someone in your push notification list publishes. If you’re like me and already in notification overload, I’d sit tight on your push notifications. Just my two cents, though! I’m not necessarily thrilled about the change– but who knows, it could be great. We will all just have to hold tight and see!

Be sure to check out Summer Wind and follow Sydney on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

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