Social Hour: Hunter Herring

Welcome to Social Hour, our blog series that introduces you to members of the Socialix community. Writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts use this space to share their social media and blogging journeys. 

In our latest Social Hour, we connected with social media influencer, Hunter Herring. Hunter is renown for creating engaging and entertaining content across Vine, Instagram and Twitter. He has amassed legions of loyal followers and invests a significant amount of time in connecting with them on a daily basis. We were eager to learn more about how Hunter utilizes social media platforms to find new inspiration and stay connected with his audience.

Do you use any tools to help you manage all of your social media accounts? Which ones?

I only really use TweetDeck, to help manage my Twitter because I have multiple accounts.

Where do you find inspiration for new content?

I take inspiration from some celebrities, and other influencers, things that I think would fit my style, I take some ideas and tweak them a bit to fit myself more personally. I like to try and make things my own and try to be as original as possible.

What has been your favorite Vine (so far) of 2016?

Well, I don’t have a “favorite Vine” so far, but I have enjoyed watching people make Work dance challenge videos to Rihanna’s song “Work.”

What is the first social media account you check when you wake up?

There is no particular one, it depends on what my last notification was, I usually just go with whichever I have the most notifications from.


What are your top three favorite Instagram accounts right now?

@BadGalRiRi is definitely one of them, and I love accounts that post memes and other funny things, like @Tweet and @PerfectSayings.

Are there any Vine influencers you’d love to collaborate with?

Hmmmm… well, I would love to collaborate with someone like Cameron Dallas, or some of the other Magcon guys, but really I think it would be cool to collaborate with anyone, I love getting to know new people and learning new things.

Which three apps can you not live without?

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat! I would be so bored without them honestly.

How do you connect with your followers?

I try to stay active on all my social media accounts, but mostly Twitter. I love doing DM spree’s, sending my followers DM’s that will hopefully put smiles on their faces and make their days just a little bit better.

What is your most used emoji?

I can’t choose just one! But these are some of my top favorites:


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