Social Hour: Elly Brown

Welcome to Social Hour, our new blog series where we will introduce you to members of the Socialix community. Writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts will share their social media and blogging journeys. 

For our next Social Hour installment, we connected with Elly Brown of Uptown with Elly Brown.  This busy mom of two ( soon to be three) lives life on heel at a time and inspires here readers with her endless array of well-crafted content.  

Parenting and blogging can often be two always-on jobs. How do you stay balanced?

You just do it. I honestly don’t have a formula, I do try to follow my schedule, sometimes my day goes great, and other days it’s complete chaos. You just roll with it and keep going. I have learned that you can’t let a bad day ruin the next day.


Which social media and/or blogging tools do you use on a regular basis to stay organized?

I’m actually pretty old school and I have my planner that I like to write down all my to-do’s, due dates, and what needs to be done. I am a type A personality so I like to physically scratch off my to-do list!

What is the first site/app you check when you wake up in the morning? 

Instagram! I love Instagram!


What’s one skill you’d love to learn? 

Calligraphy. Man, I wish I had the skill to write so beautifully. My skills end at stick figures.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts right now?

hmm, that’s a tough one.. I have several. But my top three are: Hello Fashion Blog, Sazan Hendrix, and Camila Coelho (us Brazilians gotta stick together!)

What are some fashion moments from your past that make you cringe?

Oh man, there are many, but my top one would be back when I was young, I would load my hair up with SO MUCH gel. My hair was crunchy. To top it off, I would pull my hair back, and leave two small pieces and those pieces would be my “bangs” That was also crunchy. Oh gosh, what a nightmare. Oh and to top it off I had over-plucked eyebrows!

What has been the biggest surprise about running Uptown with Elly Brown?

The load of work. I first started thinking that blogging would be a piece of cake, no big deal, it’s just taking pictures. Oh boy I was wrong! So much behind the scenes work that no body would ever think about.


What is your dream brand collaboration?

Nordstrom! It’s like heaven on earth. Whatever you need it’s at Nordstrom!

How closely do you pay attention to trends from both a social media and fashion perspective? Do they dictate the direction of your content?

I would say I do pay very close attention. They may not always dictate my direction though, I try to stay true to what I like and what I don’t like. As well as what actually looks good on my body. I feel like fashion has changed so much over all, it’s not really so much as what is always “in”. It’s sending the message to wear what you feel beautiful and confident in. I have seen so many women “break” fashion rules and look amazing!  


Be sure to check out Uptown with Elly Brown and follow Elly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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