Pitch Perfect

After searching and sifting through hundreds of influencers, you’ve finally pinpointed the perfect individuals to share your brand’s message. You’re determined to get these particular influencers on board with your campaign. But just because you’re enthusiastic about their content and engagement, does not necessarily mean that they’ll agree to participate in your campaign. The next step in this process is to pitch them with your campaign idea and sell them on why they’re a perfect fit and, ultimately, why they should agree.

Thankfully, with a platform like Socialix  you don’t need to sift through influencers’ properties to find contact information, you can simply send outreach messages and campaign offers through the Socialix platform. Although the mechanics of pitching have been simplified, you still must craft your pitch with care and consideration if you want your desired influencers to respond favorably. Here are the ingredients needed to craft the perfect influencer pitch:

Add a Personal Touch – Don’t send mass messages. Influencers receive multiple pitches per day and can easily spot pitches that have been copied and pasted from one message to the next. Take the time to look at some of their past posts and reference any highlights you noticed in your message.

Be Concise – Influencers don’t have time to read paragraph after paragraph of your latest campaign idea. Keep your pitches to one paragraph or less. After an influencer has accepted a campaign, then you can expand on your idea and brand guidelines in more detail with a formal agreement.

Engage – If you are trying to woo influencers into partnering with your brand for a campaign, it helps to show them that you genuinely enjoy the content that they publish by engaging with them across social media accounts. Retweet, leave comments and like posts to start a consistent social media relationship. 

Set Deadlines – An open-ended deadline or invitation helps no one. Influencers have busy schedules and editorial calendars and it is much more likely that they will agree to your campaign if they understand timeline expectations up front.

Put Influencers First – Just as you are trying to gain more brand awareness and clicks, influencers are also trying to build up their communities and authorities through quality content. Influencers will be hesitant to participate in any kind of campaign that doesn’t appear to align with or enhance their content and community goals.

Be Complimentary – Everyone likes to hear nice things said about them and the content that they work so hard to create. Paying a few genuine compliments in your pitch will show the influencer that you are a fan and really care about their participation in your marketing program. Plus, compliments send the signal that you are a nice person and will (likely) be agreeable to work with — which is always a bonus for influencers. 

There is an art to pitching and perfecting your pitch style may take some time. But for sustainable success, it is imperative that the pitching process is prioritized within your influencer strategy. Often, your pitch will be the first point of contact, and first impression, between you and your coveted influencers. Negative first impressions can be tough to shake, so you might as well set yourself up for success with a strong pitch!

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