Pitch Perfect pt. 2

The influencer marketing model, as it exists today, was built upon the practice of brands seeking out talented content creators and influential digital voices to share their messages. While this model works for both parties, it is not the only route to influencer marketing success.

There may be campaigns that, as a digital influencer, you’d love to participate in, but for whatever reason, you have not received an offer from the brand. This should not deter you from trying to formulate a partnership. Rather than passively waiting for a brand to come to you with an offer, why not initiate the conversation yourself? The common misconception in influencer marketing is that outreach can only move in one direction: from brand to influencer. That’s not true, and believing that myth will hold you back from great opportunities. Rather than leaving it up to chance, there are things you can do to ensure that you get on the radars of marketing decision makers ahead of their next big influencer marketing campaign.

In a sea of content creators and digital influencers, how do you stand out? While your content may do an excellent job of revealing your unique voice and aesthetic, sometimes, the content you publish alone may not be enough to distinguish you in the eyes of brand marketers who are looking for influencers to share their brands’ messages.

But just as you expect brands to pitch you with carefully crafted messages, you must also put consideration into your pitch before you begin contacting brands. As you know, a first impression can be hard to shake, and a pitch may be the first impression in the brand-influencer relationship.

Be TransparentDon’t sugarcoat or decrease your rates just to get on a brand’s radar. Being forthcoming about your compensation standards and expectations sets the tone for an honest influencer-brand relationship. When you pitch brands through the Socialix platform, you can easily reference your platform Media Kit to allow the brand to get familiar with your asking rates across platforms.

State Your GoalsAs the party initiating the conversation, it is apparent that you see the potential that a partnership can provide for your own digital properties. However, it’s important to underscore how your participation will also help the brand. Whether it’s referencing your average engagement rates Underline the ways in which a partnership will be mutually beneficial.

Share Your ExperienceIf  you’ve achieved great results for similar brands in the past, then sharing those past experiences will help the brand to immediately understand how your audience is a great fit for their message.  Share your experience – perhaps you’ve achieved great results for similar brands in the past. Sharing those past experiences will help the brand to immediately understand how your audience is a great fit for their message.

Exude Confidence – A timid suggestion of a potential partnership will not make a brand marketer stop and take notice of you. But a confident declaration as to why you are the perfect fit for their brand will undoubtedly produce a reaction or, at least, a response.

Follow Up – If a brand is running an active influencer campaign and does not respond to your pitch, it’s OK to follow up after a few days. However, be careful not to bombard them with messages, as too much eagerness on your end may turn a brand marketer off from wanting to work with you.

There is an art to pitching and perfecting your pitch style may take some time. But for sustainable success, it is imperative that the pitching process is prioritized within your influencer strategy. Often, your pitch will be the first point of contact, and first impression, between you and your coveted influencers. Negative first impressions can be tough to shake, so you might as well set yourself up for success with a strong pitch!

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