By the Numbers: Amazing Social Media Statistics 2016

The social media landscape changes on a day-by-day basis. From how many people use social media across the globe to the individual networks that are seeing the highest growth, the social media industry is in a constant state of change and acceleration. From how many people use social media on a global basis to the number of Facebook users, we’ve rounded up the 2016 facts about social media that you need to know. It should be noted that some platforms are more open to revealing their user base data, which is why you’ll see more robust statistics for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Here is social media in 2016 by the numbers:


Global Social Media:

2.307 billion active social media users

1.968 billion active mobile social users

17% YOY growth in the number of active mobile social users



1.65 billion monthly active users

1.51 billion monthly active mobile users

1.09 billion daily active users

989 million daily active mobile users



500 million average number of tweets published per day

310 million monthly active users

83%  active users on mobile



40 billion   number of photos that have been shared on Instagram

3.5 billion likes are given out every day

400 million monthly active users

80 million photos are shared every day

3.569 million  likes on the most liked Instagram photo of all time



8 billion  number of Snapchat videos watched per day

100 million  number of Snapchat daily users

60%  number of daily Snapchat users who contribute content

41%   number of 18-34 year olds living in the U.S. that Snapchat reaches

25-30  number of minutes Snapchat users spend on the app every day

9,000  number of snaps shared per second


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