Influence Your Way to the Top of the Marketplace

How influencer marketing can launch your mobile app to the top of the marketplace


There are upwards of 1,000 apps entering the marketplace everyday, which makes it extremely difficult to cut through the noise and gain traction. Smartphone users are not necessarily on the hunt to download new apps to crowd their screens. To paint an even clearer picture of just how hard it is to successfully launch a new app, Sensor Tower revealed that during Q1 of 2016 1% of app publishers comprised 94% of all app revenue.

Gaining and maintaining awareness in a crowded marketplace is no small feat. Launching an app with staying power requires strategic planning and marketing tactics. Even if your app is not featured on TechCrunch the day of its launch, there is still an opportunity to gain momentum by tapping into the creative powers of influencers. To prepare for their November 2015 launch in the iOS app store, aligned with 223 celebrities and digital influencers to spread the word about their new product. Over the course of 8 hours on the day of the launch, the campaign’s influencers published 372 social posts, which generated over 42K engagements. As a result of their influencer marketing efforts, was able to debut in the 7th position in the Apple app store.

Launching an app within the iOS marketplace’s Top 10 is an incredible feat, and set up to capitalize on the momentum of launch day. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you try to crack the marketplace with your own app:  

Align With the Right Influencers – use a platform like Socialix to discover highly relevant and high engaging influencers to promote the launch of your app. Give each influencer early access to the app to allow them to understand how it works and experience its value first hand. Giving influencers early access will also give them enough time to create profiles and capture original content of their experience on the app – which will lead to more compelling and unique social content.

Create a Landing Page – Create a landing page where consumers can learn more about your app through FAQs and video tutorials. Directing potential customers to an app page will give you more of an opportunity to communicate the unique qualities of your app and how it can potentially enhance their lives. Creating a landing page will also give you an opportunity to promote

Share Real Experiences – It’s easy to send influencers stock company photos and logos to be included in their social media posts, but this kind of content will not resonate with consumers. For consumers to want to make the effort to download an app and create an account, they have to believe that the app can add tangible value to their daily lives. By partnering with influencers, your brand has the opportunity push authentic stories that showcase the app’s actual effects on the lives of real people. Give your influencers the freedom to share their experience using their own voice and own visual aesthetics. You’ve chosen to align with specific influencers because they not only relate to your app, but they also have a crop of highly relevant followers who eagerly take note of their experiences and insights. Influencers know their unique audiences better than you do; they know which types of topics, formats and storytelling strategies work best to achieve results. Loosen up the reigns and trust your selected influencers to create the kind of that uniquely and transparently showcases your app.

Assign Unique Tracking Links – The ability to effectively track and analyze your marketing performance will be the key to your app’s success beyond its launch. Assigning influencers unique URLs (directed to the landing page) allows you to assess the individual ROI of each influencer post published for the campaign. Armed with comprehensive analytics, you can determine which influencers you’d like to continue to work with for future app promotion content.

Word of mouth has always been (and will always be) one of the most powerful marketing tactics, especially for new-to-market products. Defining an influencer strategy at the onset of your app launch is an effective means of harnessing the power of word of mouth marketing in the digital space. Smartphone users have an abundance of choice when it comes to mobile applications, and one of the most convincing ways of getting on their radars (and screens) is by communicating the potential your app has to enhance their lives through real influencer stories; influencers’ voices grant you the opportunity to amplify your app’s message.



Photo Source: Mashable

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