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Food brings people together. It’s a universally beloved topic. Ask anyone what their most used room in their house is and they’ll likely answer: the kitchen. The kitchen is more than just a room where food is prepared; it’s a place where people gather to socialize and connect with one another. Food has that effect on people – arguably more so than anything else in our lives.

As a culture we’re obsessed with food content. We watch cooking shows religiously and can’t visit a restaurant without ‘gramming our meals. Tapping into this ever-present fascination with culinary creations, there is a proliferation of food blogs and dedicated food social media accounts. There’s something intimate about being invited into someone’s kitchen and witnessing them prepare a meal for themselves and their family – this type of content creates an instant connection between creator and audience. The ability to instill connection and affect emotion translates from the kitchen onto social media and blogs. Food blogs are among the most popular of all niches in digital media. Food blogs and social media accounts are highly visual, and social media users respond strongly to beautiful and, often, mouth watering images. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite food content creators whose content embodies culinary creativity. 

Andie Mitchell


Andie Mitchell is the food and lifestyle expert behind her eponymous blog, and is renown for her ability to infuse creative recipes with inspiring healthy lifestyle tips. Andie’s journey to health, chronicled in her best-selling memoir It Was Me All Along  has led her to a lifestyle centered on balance. Her recipes run the gamut of nourishing greens to delectable desserts. Leading by example, Andie teaches her readers to live their lives with a healthy appreciation for food and wellness.




Amy Kritzer

Amy Kritzer is the culinary creative behind the popular food blog What Jew Wanna Eat?  Inspired by her grandmother’s cooking, Amy offers a fresh reimagining of Jewish cuisine. With recipes like Eggnog Fruitcake Challah and Latke Pizza, Amy’s blog fuses tradition with a modern foodie mentality. She provides step by step instructions and images to make her recipes accessible for anyone, even kitchen novices.





Laura Wright

Laura wright headshot

Laura Wright is an Ontario, Canada-based food blogger and content creator. Her site, The First Mess, celebrates natural food and seasonal eating through nourishing recipes and beautiful images. Although her recipes are plant-based, the meals she creates are anything but bland. It’s easy to see the effects of leading a wholesome life as Laura’s content seems to radiate health, positivity and happiness.




Jessica McCoy


As a mother of two, Jessica McCoy understands how important healthful eating is to overall well-being and happiness. Jessica has applied her wisdom and penchant for craft recipes on her blog All She Cooks. Her beautiful images and intuitive instructions invite even the most kitchen-averse of readers to experiment at mealtime.






Amanda Le



Amanda Le is a self-taught raw foodist who shares her love of whole, natural foods on her blog Rawmanda. Amanda is a passionate advocate for leading a raw, holistic lifestyle. Through blogging and social media, Amanda teaches her followers how to successfully incorporate a plant-based diet without feeling deprived. Rawmanda is an example of just how rich a raw lifestyle can be.





Without fail, these influencers never fail to inspire us to get creative in the kitchen and explore new approaches to healthy lifestyles.

Do you have a favorite food blog? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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