Facebook Looks Beyond the Like and Rolls Out New Reactions

For years, Facebook users have liked content they’ve seen their friends or favorite brands post. If they’ve seen something that has made them feel surprised, shocked, happy, loved or, even sad…they’ve liked. Many of these Likes have been accompanied by comments that help Facebook users clarify their actions, but now users won’t have to resort to this.

Facebook listened to its 1.04 billion daily active users and they’ve finally rolled out a line of emoticons that will help every member of the Facebook community truly express themselves. The five emoticons included in Facebook’s Reaction  launch can be used to visually display the reactions of: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.



These Reactions have been a year in the making. While some initially thought Facebook might roll out an Unlike button, Mark Zuckerberg & Co. wanted to give their users more opportunity to really express themselves on the platform. The Reactions reflects Zuckerberg’s urging to move the platform beyond the simple Like. With so much content being posted on the network on a minute-by-minute basis, the range of emotions that Facebook users feel from viewing posts is vast, and often falls far beyond the range of what a Like really means.

To launch Reactions, Facebook did not just simply pick emoticons from a hat. Instead, the Facebook team combed through user posts to find patterns of one-word reactions that were used globally and consistently throughout the network. This update is intended to help Facebook users express themselves, so Facebook wisely homed in on the ways that users were already expressing their reactions and opinions in comments sections. Facebook found that Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry are among the most universal reactions to content posted on the platform.

Tell us how you really feel and react to Facebook’s new Reactions in the comments below!

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