Igniting Your Influence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the authoritative platform for thought leadership. What was once just a tool for making connections and getting in front of recruiters has become a hub for long form pieces offering deep analyses or sharp critiques of industry trends. LinkedIn has become an important self-publishing tool for those looking to share their expertise and expand their personal brands.

While the platform originally reserved personal broadcast for well known industry leaders, the platform now encourages all to share their thoughts through long form posting, even those who aren’t Squawk Box regulars.

If you are looking to build up your connections, authority and increase your followers, you likely already devote a lot of time and energy to carefully producing content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. But if you’re not thinking about LinkedIn, you may be missing out.

LinkedIn is not the finance and sales-only club that may have shrouded its reputation at inception. Today, LinkedIn is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, educators and professionals from every industry and every background.  Regardless of whether you are a wellness enthusiast, hard working mom blogger or burgeoning fashionista, there is a LinkedIn audience for you.

LinkedIn has become a melting pot of professions and ideas. Regardless of whether you are a wellness enthusiast, hard working mom blogger or burgeoning fashionista, there is a LinkedIn audience for you.

Through LinkedIn long-form posts, an artist can share his process to finding inspiration and a manager can share her approach to communicating with clients; though on paper these two are from different worlds, they both stand to learn something from one another – and through this capability, they now have the opportunity to learn something from one another.

All influencers have one thing in common: the desire to share and educate. By nature, influencers don’t keep their experiences or expertises to themselves – if they did, they would not have much influence. In that light, LinkedIn should be a natural consideration for influencers as the dissemination of knowledge is what has propelled LinkedIn in recent years into the ultimate professional platform.

While you may not be branded an official LinkedIn influencer, as this specific title is invite-only, but you can certainly enhance your personal brand’s influence through LinkedIn.

It’s important to remember that writing for LinkedIn is not the same as writing for Facebook, Twitter or your blog. If you’re a first time LinkedIn publisher, check out the tips below to help you create content that will captivate the LinkedIn audience.

Show What You Know – Your value to the LinkedIn community lies in your experience and knowledge. Don’t publish a story just because you’ve seen other LinkedIn users generate engagement with that topic. Your influence will spread much farther if your content remains true to you.

Focus Your Story – Long-form writing can be a slippery slope. On the one hand, you want to take advantage of the format to tell a complete story, and on the other hand, you don’t want to let your words wander and lead your readers down dead end paths. Focus your piece with one defined topic or thesis and remind yourself that you’ll have more opportunities to tell your story. Once you’re finished writing, ask a friend to review your piece to check for any unnecessary meandering.

Pack a (Headline) Punch  – You’re not the only one trying to grow your brand on LinkedIn and it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. To stand out on people’s feeds, devise a headline that naturally invokes curiosity. However, do not head into click bait territory, LinkedIn users have no patience for this and it will definitely diminish any credibility you are trying to establish.

Include Sources – If you are writing a reaction piece based on an industry article or new study, you must attribute your sources. As a professional network, proper attribution of other professionals is crucial to gaining respect from peers in and out of your industry.

Read through this list from LinkedIn for more long-form writing tips.


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