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One of social media’s steadfast virtues lies in its ability to inspire. Our feeds are filled with positive quotes, encouraging messages and endless possibilities of lifestyle accomplishments. Influencers are among the most inspirational of all, and perhaps the reason why they’ve been able to garner the label of influencer is because their social media feeds are consistently full of inspiration. Influencers empower their followers to believe that they can achieve transformation, whether dramatic or subtle, in some area of their lives. That fitness plan you’ve been meaning to start since January 1st? An influencer can inspire you to get moving. That wardrobe overhaul you desperately need? An influencer can show you how to update your look. Your kid’s next birthday party on a budget? Again, an influencer has you covered.

Perhaps the social media influencers that inspire the most “I can do that!” reactions are DIY content creators. DIY blogs and social media accounts are filled with eye candy; as audiences we can’t help but get sucked in to those pictures of a picturesque and patriotic 4th of July tablescape or a $20 Ikea hack that makes a living room look like a million bucks. Not only are the finished products made by DIY influencers beautiful and, quite often, drool-worthy, but there’s something enticing about knowing that something so beautiful can be achieved with little more than determination, a good attitude and proximity to a local Michael’s. Even more, it’s satisfying to know that you completed a project, you made something beautiful with your own two hands. DIY influencers are responsible for filling our lives with endless inspiration and, at times, frustration (they make it look so easy!) but we love them nonetheless! Today, we’re celebrating some of our favorite DIY-ers!

Ashley Rose



Ashley Rose is the creative force behind the inspired living site Sugar & Cloth. With an eye for design and welcoming demeanor,  Ashley Rose has amassed a social army of inspired DIY-ers who flock to her blog for her original aesthetic and crafty innovations.  From decadent desserts to DIY accent tables, Sugar & Cloth is the answer to all of your design project dreams.




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Brittni Mehlhoff



Brittni Mehlhoff is the DIY extraordinaire behind Paper & Stitch a blog devoted to showcasing home decor trends and innovative DIY projects. From beauty advice to crafty recipes and decor hacks, Brittni provides inspiration for every lifestyle interest. Powered by cleaning and stunning photography and peppered with personal testimonials, Paper & Stitch feels like the DIY blog written by your best friend – if your best friend happens to be an incredibly talented artist and designer. Not sure you have what it takes to venture into the DIY pool? Get your feet wet this week with Brittni’s 6 Colorful DIYs To Try, and we promise you, your living room and your taste buds will not be disappointed.




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Lisa Pullano



Lisa Pullano is a lifestyle vlogger with a penchant for innovative DIY home and beauty projects. Lisa’ eponymous site is a How-To haven for anyone looking to spruce up their home or style with an easy-to-follow DIY project. Lisa gives her followers behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life through video tours and tutorials. 




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Lexy Ward



Lexy Ward is the crafting connoisseur behind the hit DIY site, The Proper Blog. Any fan of Lexy’s site knows how easy it is to get lost in the colorful creations and picture-perfect curations. From printables to home makeovers, and desserts that look almost too pretty eat, Lexy’s whimsical blog may look picture-perfect, but it actually encourages readers to embrace the messiness or, improper-ness of life. Through constant creativity, The Proper Blog teaches everyone how to live in a properly improper way.




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