Facebook Updates Branded Content Policy

Brands across niches and verticals are investing more budget and resources into implementing strategic influencer marketing plans because the need to authentically connect with social audiences is more prevalent than ever. Over the past few years, Facebook has carried out key algorithm updates to ensure that the News Feed is filled with valuable and impactful […]

The Evolving Algorithm

Why do certain posts receive priority in News Feeds? Why do some post attain massive visibility while others are nearly invisible? We explore the ever-evolving and elusive Facebook algorithm to help you maximize your potential on the platform. Facebook’s algorithm is a notorious headache for marketers. Always evolving and seeking to improve the Facebook user […]

Meet Your New Obsession: Obsessee

Traditionally, the relationship between publishers and social media platforms went a little something like this: The publication, and the content produced for that publication’s domain, was the first priority. The goal was to pull users onto a publication’s proprietary site in the hopes that they would stay and explore the compelling long-form content created specifically […]

3 Ways to Integrate Influencer Marketing into Today’s Campaign’s

For years, word-of-mouth marketing has been the most trusted form of advertising. In a Nielsen study across 58 countries, 84 percent of recipients said they put the greatest trust in recommendations from friends and family. Social media hasn’t changed that. But what the proliferation of blogs and social platforms has done is create a megaphone […]

The Disclosure Discourse

At its core influencer marketing is a form of advertising. Influencer marketing is the act of sharing a brand message through particular individuals who have built up considerable digital influence through their passion and expertise. These individuals are paid, or sponsored, by brands to promote messages about brands and their products with a certain level […]

How to (Accurately) Judge the Success of Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing can be challenging. Sometimes, it seems like putting together a strategic campaign — identifying your influencers, bringing them aboard, and building an individualized campaign for them — is the easy part. Once everything is rolled out, opinions suddenly start flying about what’s working and what isn’t. Everyone has a favorite metric — or […]

Welcome to the Era of Ad Blocking

Ad blocking has made a huge splash in the marketing world – and the ripples are still being felt. In Summer 2015, ad blocking became a mainstream media story, a new industry buzzword and a major headache for marketers. Although ad blocking did not technically debut in 2015, the concept garnered national attention after Apple […]

Influencer Marketing: Flings vs. Long-Term Relationships

Flings usually don’t result in positive or healthy relationships. Often, one party will want something more out of the short-term situation and when the other party can’t or won’t put in the same level of commitment, someone gets burned. We’ve all been there — probably on both sides of it. Yes, flings usually result in […]

Igniting Your Influence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the authoritative platform for thought leadership. What was once just a tool for making connections and getting in front of recruiters has become a hub for long form pieces offering deep analyses or sharp critiques of industry trends. LinkedIn has become an important self-publishing tool for those looking to share their expertise […]