Talking Takeovers

What are takeovers? How can you set your brand up for takeover success? The innate appeal of social media is that it feels more real and timely than any other type of messaging. Content publishing is instantaneous and there is an always-on approach in which customers can access brands (and vice versa) at any time […]

Advocates vs. Influencers

brand advocate

  One of the first steps that needs to be taken to develop a valuable influencer marketing strategy is finding influencers for your brand. As a group, influencers are incredibly dynamic –  there is no one-size-fits all influencer model. Some influencers boast millions of followers, while others have persuasive powers over only a few thousand. […]

Get Going: Embark on a Successful Influencer Journey

influencer journey

You’ve watched your competitors enjoy success over the past few months by teaming up with popular and relevant social media personalities and you’ve decided you’re ready to take the plunge into influencer marketing. Now what? Before you siphon your marketing budget to influencer projects and embark on an influencer campaign you need to have a […]