The Business of Blogging – Affiliate Links

How to Transform Your Passion Project into Your Business   In the real world who you associate with can play a significant role in establishing your reputation and credibility. The same ideology applies to blogging. Who or what your blog aligns and associates with will directly affect your blog’s traffic and engagement. Capitalizing on the […]

Social Hour: Toni Hammersley

Welcome to Social Hour, our  blog series where we introduce you to members of the Socialix community. Writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts share their journeys as they transformed from social users to social influencers.  For our second Social Hour installment, we connected with Toni Hammersley, the organizational guru and creator behind A […]

The Business of Blogging – Advertisements

How to Transform Your Passion Project into Your Business Developing your own blog can be an incredible outlet to explore interests, share expertise and connect with people around the world. Many bloggers will adamantly say that their blogging practice keeps them creatively fulfilled. But, in recent years, blogging has become a verifiable business practice – […]

The Art of Cinema(graphs)

At some point in the past year you’ve likely scrolled through your Instagram feed  and been struck by a subtle and mesmerizing movement within a post. Not quite a photograph, not quite a video and somehow, still, not quite a GIF, these alluring visuals have stolen the attention of brands and social media fans alike. […]