Social Hour: Krista Robertson

Welcome to Social Hour, our blog series featuring  members of the Socialix community. This spaces shines a spotlight on the social media and blogging journeys of writers, photographers, artists, videographers and social media enthusiasts. Enjoy!  For our next Social Hour installment, we connected with Krista Robertson , the NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Covering […]

Pitch Perfect pt. 2

The influencer marketing model, as it exists today, was built upon the practice of brands seeking out talented content creators and influential digital voices to share their messages. While this model works for both parties, it is not the only route to influencer marketing success. There may be campaigns that, as a digital influencer, you’d […]

Surfing the Crowd

As a content creator, it’s your job to continually produce compelling content across blogs and social channels for your followers to consume. But the content you publish cannot just be appealing to you — it must resonate with your many followers. One of best ways to publish content that speaks to your followers is by […]

A Like-Worthy Picture

The quest for taking the perfect photo is an endless, daunting uphill battle. Thanks to smartphones and social media, anyone can become an amateur photographer We’ve all been in those situations where we encounter a scene so beautiful that we feel compelled to capture it and share it with others who aren’t fortunate enough to witness […]

Don’t Forget About Community Management!

The pressure to produce large volumes of quality content is at an all-time high. We’re living in a content-sharing economy, and no brand or digital influencer can afford to fall short of these growing content demands and standards. However, our increased focus on content creation and sharing may be taking up other areas of our […]

Manage Your Social Calendar

The beauty of social media is in its perceived spontaneity. The real-time nature of social media platforms allows publishers to contribute to conversations as events and trends unfold around them. Social media is always on, and social media influencers are expected to also put forth an always on social approach. It’s always exciting when a […]

What’s Your Polling Strategy?

Today’s most highly touted social media personalities have amassed large and enthusiastic followings. Readers consistently scan blog pages and scroll feeds for influencers’ insights, opinions and experiences. Sometimes the relationship between influencer and followers can seem overwhelmingly one-sided with followers coveting influencers’ unique perspectives while rarely getting the opportunity to share their own in meaningful […]

The Business of Blogging – Sponsored Content

How to Transform Your Passion Project Into Your Business The fourth installment of our Business of Blogging series explores another avenue for monetizing your blog: sponsored content. The proliferation of sponsored content has exploded in recent years; advertisers are devoting larger portions of annual budgets to editorial-like content and publishers are assigning dedicated teams to […]