Boost Your SEO with Influencer Marketing

What does this mean for marketers? In recent years, there has been  widespread abuse of Google’s search algorithms, and now, the old SEO tricks no longer work. Or, if they do, they don’t work for long. That’s because Google and other search engines now prioritize human signals and social proof over sheer quantity of backlinks and keywords.

These algorithmic changes made social shares the new link building, and the internet should be grateful. It’s led to a more authentic web, full of creative, compelling content rather than empty shells of websites. When that content is shared across the internet, it leaves a link trail in its wake. That link litter, in turn, helps search engines learn how content should rank for related keywords.

Now, today’s social influencers often hold more social authority than brands themselves. So if your brand wants to rise in the search rankings, it needs influencers creating authentic content that followers want to share, tossing SEO seeds across the internet’s landscape.

Ready to learn how influencer marketing can boost your SEO? Check out our latest SEM Rush piece, How to Up Your SEO Game with Influencer Marketing for the full rundown.

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