A Like-Worthy Picture

The quest for taking the perfect photo is an endless, daunting uphill battle. Thanks to smartphones and social media, anyone can become an amateur photographer We’ve all been in those situations where we encounter a scene so beautiful that we feel compelled to capture it and share it with others who aren’t fortunate enough to witness it in real life and time. We take out our iphones and we snap away – we may even get courageous and shoot the scene from a few different angles. We’re elated because we think we’ve just captured the most beautiful image of the most beautiful scene. But then we look at our phones, and our dreams of posting what we thought would be the most liked Instagram of all time are dashed.  

As a content creator and publisher, you likely already feel enhanced pressure to capture perfectly pinnable, likeable and shareable images. And, as you already know, getting that perfect shot is not as easy as pointing and clicking. We’ve rounded up a few tips from Instagram pros to help you transform over-filtered and under-engaging photos into must-like shots.

Marketing and analytics company Curalate took a deep dive into the platform to uncover which qualities drive more likes. Here are six features you should strive to capture to drive more engagement on your feed.

Lighten up – The fate of a photo is really left up to light. You can use all the interesting angles and compositions available, but without good light, your photo will fail to reveal the essence you’re after. Good lighting is also the key to eliciting likes. Images with more light drive up to 24% more engagement.


Play with Texture – More texture is more interesting, it’s as simple as that! Play with textures and add some dimension to your shots, especially if you’re capturing an outfit of the day or overhead shot of your working space!



Don’t Fear the Blues – People have emotional responses to color. For example, red can have a startling effect on our eyes, while blue manages to evoke serene sentiments. Including blue objects or blue-themed shots will drive up to 24% more likes than shots that feature bright pops of red.


Add Depth–  A multi-layered photo is so much more interesting than a static one. Even if the foreground of a scene is your focal point, including a glimpse of the background will make your photo come alive.


Less (saturation) is More – The built-in editing features on your phone are so tempting; it’s so easy manipulate a photo and many of us often go overboard – especially when it comes to saturation. But you should try to resist the temptation because images with low saturation often receive 18% more likes than overly vibrant pictures.


Go Mono – Take a cue from today’s minimalist street style and incorporate monochromatic themes into your photos. Sticking to one color, rather than trying to incorporate the whole rainbow, is more aesthetically satisfying and will help you to attain 17% more likes.



Do you have any other tips on publishing captivating social images? Share in the comments below!

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