Audience Above Everything Else

Taking an audience first approach with your influencer campaign will allow you to align with the right influencers for your brand. 

To succeed with influencer marketing a number of variables must fall into place.  Brands can implement watertight strategies, partner with highly engaging and far reaching influencers, and in spite of all of this preparation, the success of a campaign still hinges on audience reaction. Audiences can be fickle and difficult to read, especially younger millennials and Gen Z-ers – two demographics that continue to puzzle marketers. Through influencers, brands have the power to speak to a vast number of  new social media users. But because there is a middle man involved, it can be easy to began an influencer campaign blindly and without a strong idea of who the influencer is actually connecting with on a daily basis. No one can, with 100% accuracy, anticipate audience response to creative campaigns. but rather than shooting in the dark and hoping for the best result, it is possible to arm yourself with the best tools and data to help you select influencers whose audiences will likely find the campaign to be relevant to their interests and lives.

However, this data can be difficult to excavate. Instagram does not open up the platform for all to see followers statistics. When you find an influencer on Instagram you may see that they have 1.2M followers. From there, you have the option of selecting every follower and exploring their profile (if it is public) to try to locate details about their location, interests, age, etc. Yes, it’s possible to manually explore the unique characteristics of influencers’ followers yourself, but this would be a painstaking and, most likely, fruitless endeavor. Sifting through millions of profiles for small lifestyle hints and details sounds like every brand marketer’s worst nightmare.
What if there was a way to automatically discover the follow data of target influencers? What if, in one fell swoop, you could gain access to the gender breakdown, age range, location, interests and, even, personal income percentages? It may sound too good to be true, but with Socialix’s holistic platform, you have instant access to the granular audience details that will help you determine if a particular influencer, and more importantly, their followers, are suitable for your campaign.

The Socialix platform includes over 5,000 influencers across a varying range of niches, from fitness to parenting and, even, photography. Once an influencer joins Socialix, their blogs and social accounts are automatically synced. Powered by technology from social insights provider, Demographics Pro, the platform extracts and aggregates valuable data about each influencer’s engagement history and their follower’s characteristics. Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to add geo-targeting, socio-economic targeting and lifestyle targeting to your influencer plan.


These enhanced insights are invaluable when you are setting an influencer plan in motion. For example, you may be attempting to grow your brand’s presence exponentially in one country or geographic region, and if you find an influencer who fits all of your other criteria (niche, reach, engagement, price) but fails to connect with sizable social audiences in your target region, than that influencer will not be able to help your brand meet its specific goals for the campaign. The more you can know about influencers’ audience segments, the more likely you’ll be to determine the right influencers for your campaign.

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