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  • Influence Drives Results

    With the power to reach global audiences, build authentic customer relationships and accelerate earned media value, social influencers are among the most important assets in the digital marketing landscape. At its best, influencer marketing can create viral sensations, engage millions of people, and influence opinions, behaviors and buying decisions. It is often referred to as the most effective way to acquire new customers, with marketers experiencing an average ROI of 650% from influencer programs. Socialix measures the value of influencer content and helps brands make intelligent marketing decisions through its suite of proprietary build tools, database of registered influencers and easy to understand metrics. Every brand has a story to tell, Socialix makes sure the right people are telling it in the right way.

  • Socialix Drives Influence

    With Socialix, brands can predictably plan, optimize, and measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns through a streamlined dashboard. The platform analyzes millions of pieces of social content each day to supply marketers with a 360 degree view of the influencer landscape and data-driven recommendations for establishing the most impactful social media relationships. It has never been easier for brands to find the right influencers, leverage the creativity of professional storytellers, drastically extend social media reach, distribute content across multiple social channels and track the performance. Make smarter influencer marketing decisions by putting the Socialix platform to work for you!

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Streamline Influencer Programs

Socialix is a complete end-to-end solution for running effective influencer marketing campaigns. It is a technology that continually detects optimal brand influencers, empowers marketers with instantaneous activations and automatically tracks the performance of influencer content. We’ve solved the logistical barriers that can so often obstruct a brand’s ability to achieve efficient influencer programs and results. With Socialix, you’ll spend less time doing manual research, cold-outreach and getting lost in communications with influencers. With this extra time saved you'll be able to focus on the things that really matter, such as campaign optimization, strategy enhancement and data analysis.

  • influencer strategy
    Brand Monitoring

    Connect your brand to the Socialix platform and we’ll track your social content, brand mentions, organic influencers and audience development.

  • influencer identification
    Influencer Identification

    Find the most relevant and impactful content creators within your niche or company's area of expertise. Create campaigns and start sending offers.

  • influencer content
    Social Content

    Crowdsource creativity from the most talented bloggers, video producers and photographers. Influencers will follow your brand guidelines and submit their original content ideas.

  • influencer performance
    Performance Reports

    Track the impact of influencer content through social analytics and ROI based reports. Performance insights by social channel and individual influencer.

influencer platform

Platform Technology

Our influencer marketing platform was designed and built by digital marketers for digital marketers. It offers best-in-class technology for researching influencers, managing multiple communications, developing content and tracking the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. The platform aggregates social influencer data from more than 20 data points and analyzes millions of pieces of social media content to pinpoint the influencers who most closely align with a brand or niche. Enter a keyword into the Socialix search engine to discover semantically related influencers with highly engaged readers or fans, then further refine your search results by location, engagement, audience size and more. The technology will let you know who is already talking about your brand, who should be talking about your brand and how to access that person directly. It also solves longstanding issues such as negotiations, payments, taxes, content approvals and performance tracking.

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Meet Influencers and Talent Agencies

We work with the web’s most talented social media personalities and bloggers. Our content creators are dedicated and passionate individuals with highly engaged audiences. From mom bloggers, to comedy Viners and celebrity talent agencies, we work with them all. Our network has the capacity to reach over 1 billion followers across YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Gplus. Instant activations are available for all registered Socialix members while we also provide outreach access to a worldwide database of influencers. As a brand, you are not only leveraging the influencer's impressive audience, but also their creativity and artistic expression as an admired content creator.

  • chris-yackulic
    Chris Yackulic
  • carly-a-heitlinger
    Carly A. Heitlinger
  • tamara-kalinic
    Tamara Kalinic
  • randa-derkson
    Randa Derkson
  • vincent-miuccio
    Vincent Miuccio
  • eugenie-grey
    Eugenie Grey
  • joe-miragliotta
    Joe Miragliotta
  • brandon-bailey
    Brandon Bailey
  • jon-rettinger
    Jon Rettinger
  • bri-emery
    Bri Emery
  • tremelvin
    Tré Melvin
  • shelby-church
    Shelby Church
  • becky-mansfield
    Becky Mansfield
  • kenny-holland
    Kenny Holland
  • stacie-vaughan
    Stacie Vaughan
  • lance-stewart
    Lance Stewart

Brands We've Worked With

  • bing
  • farm-fresh
  • bluehost
  • patpat
  • glasses-usa
  • vine-market
  • soap
  • dr-seuss
  • honest-company
  • unroll-me
  • look
  • justfab

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